College of Sciences Chemistry About

The Department of Chemistry offers an undergraduate program that provides a broad, rigorous and flexible education for work and advanced study in a variety of fields and invaluable training in the laboratory for today’s increasingly technical world. Parallel to the mission of a liberal arts education at Koç University, the Chemistry undergraduate program has the ability to adapt to the specific interests and career goals of the students.

For a Bachelor of Science degree, the undergraduate students in the Chemistry program must complete eight required and two elective courses in Chemistry, as well as two semesters of an independent study project under the supervision of one of the Chemistry faculty, in addition to the core courses and other electives. All of the required courses in chemistry (General Chemistry I-II, Physical Chemistry I-ii, Organic Chemistry I-II, Inorganic Chemistry and Instrumental Analysis) have laboratory sessions providing practical skills beyond classroom study. The area electives prepare the students research skills and the excitement of research and might lead to publications. Opportunities in research include quantum chemistry, polymer syntheses and characterization, solid state chemistry, computational biology and surface physical chemistry. By appropriate choice of other electives, students have the opportunity to complete a double major program or concentrate on a topic of interest as a minor.

A great majority of our graduates are accepted to the PhD programs of leading U.S. universities with full scholarships. Others find jobs in R&D and QC laboratories, production, sales and marketing departments of industrial companies.