At the beginning of the 21st century, novel technologies are allowing us to make exciting new discoveries and obtain detailed knowledge of how molecules, cells, tissues, and organisms operate. Furthermore, these advances are changing the way in which we diagnose and treat human disease. In light of these developments, it is crucial that we educate today’s students about biology at the molecular level. Koç University’s Molecular Biology and Genetics program succeeds in providing broad, deep, and rigorous education in the biological sciences. 

Students in Molecular Biology and Genetics program will take classes that provide fundamental knowledge of the different branches of biology. These courses include: biochemistry,  molecular biology, genetics, cell biology and developmental biology.

The Molecular Biology and Genetics program also offers various elective courses for advanced students who wish to focus on specific areas, such as cancer biology, neuroscience, proteomics, and bioinformatics.

Students in the Molecular Biology and Genetics program will have opportunities to further develop their skills and knowledge by working with faculty members in their cutting-edge research programs.

Our Molecular Biology and Genetics faculty have recently won several prestigious awards, including the ERC Starting Grant, the Turkish Academcy of Sciences Young Scientist Award, the L’Oreal Young Women in Science Award, the EMBO Installation Grant, and the Marie Curie Reintegration Grant.