Koç University Mathematics Department despite its relatively recent foundation became one of the main research centers in mathematics in Türkiye. The department has 15 research mathematicians and an ever-increasing number of Ph.D. students. Thanks to its small size, there is a close interaction between faculty members, graduate students and undergraduate students. This is exhibited in the many topics and independent study courses offered to the undergraduate and graduate students by the faculty and the weekly tea hours and seminars where faculty interact with students creating a community that is inspiring for everyone involved.

Numerous branches of mathematics are represented in the research of the faculty. These include number theory (algebraic and analytic), arithmetical algebraic geometry, partial differential equations, probability theory, wavelet analysis, numerical linear algebra, statistics, mathematics of finance, combinatorial design theory, graph theory, quantum mechanics, geometric phases and supersymmetry, low dimensional topology, symplectic topology, minimal surfaces and hyperbolic geometry. These subjects are among the hottest topics of mathematics, and our faculty members contribute to them at the international level.

We aim to provide undergraduate students with a solid foundation where they become comfortable with basic mathematical structures. Our undergraduate program is flexible enough to give students freedom to choose their courses in which they can prepare themselves for their post-graduate life. This could be a Ph.D. study in pure or applied mathematics, or a somewhat related field such as computer science, economics, or industrial engineering. If the student would like to enter the public or private sector immediately after graduation, we note that our program is diverse and well-balanced enough to give them an edge in the constantly changing demands of the work life.

Our Ph.D. program carefully selects students who are highly motivated to become mathematicians. We supervise our Ph.D. students with the responsibility that they will one day become our colleagues and collaborators.