A construction of Mixed Tate Nori Motives

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2024-02-28 14:30

2024-02-28 15:30

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SCI 129

A construction of Mixed Tate Nori Motives

Grothendieck proposed the category of motives as a Tannakian category, offering a universal framework for Weil cohomology theories. In this talk, we will consider motives in the sense of Nori. Beilinson conjectured that the Hopf algebra R of mixed Tate motives is isomorphic to the bi-algebra A of Aomoto polylogarithms. Our aim is to reconstruct A using limits of Nori motives coming from some special configurations. This allows us to write a morphism from A to R and gives a new approach to Beilinson's conjecture.

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Berkay Kebeci, Koç University