The Preparation and Use of Superporous Cryogel/Conductive Composites for Potential Sensor Applications


Nurettin Şahiner, Faculty of Science & Arts, 1Chemistry Department, 2Nanoscience and Technology Research and Application Center (NANORAC), Canakkale Onsekiz Mart University, Terzioglu Campus

Cryogels that are prepared under cryogenic conditions are superporous hydrophilic polymer networks are used as template for in situ synthesis of conductive polymers such as poly(aniline) (p(An)), poly(pyrrole) (p(Py)), and poly(thiophene) (p(Th)) via oxidative polymerization technique to obtain superporous cryogel/conductive polymer semi-interpenetrating polymer networks (IPN). Furthermore, Graphene Oxide (GO) embedding cryogel, and a conducting dye (methyl blue) containing cryogel composites are also prepared and their electrical conductivities were determined. 

In this talk, neutral, anionic and cationic functional groups containing cryogels are utilized as conductive composites, and investigated for potential sensor applications against various gas molecules such as HCl, NH3, and CO2, and against different dyes, and toxic organic contaminants.