Research projects establish one of the main foundations of physics undergraduate education. The number of physics undergraduate students working on research projects and contributing to international literature has been ever increasing. In parallel to this, the undergraduate students in our department find many opportunities to significantly contribute to ongoing research projects. If you would like to learn how physics research is conducted and how new phenomena are discovered, do not hesitate to contact the faculty members working in the research field of your interest. You can follow the research projects conducted in our department through this link. Some projects may not be suitable for starters as they will require more technical knowledge. Faculty members will happily direct you towards research projects that are suitable for you.

Many institutes in the world are organizing summer research programs in physics. Below you can find a partial list of such smmer programs targeting undergraduate students. Financial supports are also provided in some of these programs. You should not hesitate to contact any researcher in the world and inquire about summer research opportunities. Many students use this direct approach and find exciting summer projects. In this approach, you can make your own financial arrangements with your host researchers. We wish you good luck.