New Physics Faculty Member Fethi Mübin Ramazanoğlu

We welcome Fethi Mübin Ramazanoğlu who joined the Physics Department as an Assistant Professor. Below is a short introduction to his research in his own words.

I am a gravitational physicist, mostly interested in strong field effects of black holes and neutron stars, and their gravitational wave emission. My recent work has been on alternative theories of gravity, especially those relevant for neutron stars. Neutron stars and black holes are the most compact objects in our universe, and their detailed investigation has only recently been possible thanks to gravitational wave observatories such as LIGO. Hence, connecting gravitational wave data to theory using high performance computation has a central position in my research program.

After a PhD in Princeton University and postdoctoral studies at Cambridge University, I joined Koc University in June 2016. I hope to contribute to the legacy of the Physics Department, and make it a significant actor in gravitational wave science.