New Molecular Biology and Genetics Instructor Billur Çelebi Ergin

We welcome Billur Çelebi Ergin who joined the Molecular Biology and Genetics Department as an Instructor. Below is a short introduction to Dr. Çelebi Ergin’s research in her own words.

I have joined Koc University in 2017 as an instructor at the Molecular Biology and Genetics Department. I have received my Ph.D. in biological oceanography at the Ocean, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Department in Old Dominion University, VA. My research goals include deepening my scientific understanding of aquatic photosynthesis, especially focusing on impacts of climate change (i.e. global warming and ocean acidification) in coastal ecosystems using mechanistic and predictive approaches. A mechanistic understanding of the balance between photosynthesis, photoprotection and growth under changing environmental conditions allows me to model the carbon metabolism that may help to predict the ecological performance of aquatic organisms in future conditions.